Mindfulness in Midhurst has a new website!

For information on all mindfulness courses and events with Sandrine Cranswick and to book online please visit the new website:


Next events:

Mindfulness Introductory Session on 19 September and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course starting on Tuesday 10 October 2017, 7-9pm both held at Cowdray Hall, Midhurst West Sussex. For more information or to apply please contact Sandrine or visit: New Website


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction 9 week courses at Cowdray Hall, Midhurst, West Sussex

Lac May 2 courses comp

Bookings now open for both courses and private tuitions starting the last week of April.

  • The Tuesday course will take place in the modern chapel at Cowdray Hall Midhurst, 7-9pm.
  • The Thursday course will take place in the new beautifully appointed Therapy Rooms next to Cowdray Hall, Midhurst, 11am to 1pm. There are 4 places left on the Thursday course.
  • One to one courses available, starting the last week of April in the New Therapy Rooms near Cowdray Hall, Midhurst.

To book on the course please download the two application forms below and email them back to sb.cranswick@gmail.com

Sandrine MBSR application-form

Sandrine MBSR pre-course-reflections-form

“Mindfulness means paying attention

in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment

and non-judgmentally

Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD, University of Massachusetts Medical School, founder of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Mindfulness practices have been clinically proven to reduce stress and improve our mental and physical well being. On this site you will find some information on mindfulness and on the various courses we offer in the Midhurst area, West Sussex. All group and one to one courses are taught by Sandrine Cranswick, an experienced mindfulness teacher with 25 years of mindfulness meditation practice.


The Precious Present Moment

“Meditation and mindfulness help to remind us that all we have is the present moment. They are literally mind training, giving our minds a break from wandering in the past and the future and allowing a sense of space to open up. And this is the space in which you find the courage to say ‘Why not?’ rather than ‘What if?’”
His Eminence Gyalwa Dokhampa